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Claim an upgraded Windscribe account for the duration of your WeVPN subscription.

How This Works

If you currently have an active WeVPN subscription, Windscribe will provide you with an upgraded Pro account for the duration you have remaining with WeVPN (up to 2 years). No strings attached, no payment is required. If you ever had a WeVPN subscription which is now expired, Windscribe will provide you with free 3 months of premium service.

Step 1

Create a free Windscribe account, or login into an existing one if you have one already and come back to this page.

Step 2

Complete Step 1 to continue.

Why We're Doing This

At Windscribe, we believe in nurturing a strong and reliable VPN industry that safeguards the privacy and security of users worldwide. Our decision to provide WeVPN users with free accounts for the duration of their WeVPN subscription stems from our commitment to maintaining confidence in the VPN industry and protecting end users from potential harm. We understand the frustration and uncertainty that can arise when a VPN provider goes out of business, and we want to ensure that no one loses their hard-earned money or feels abandoned during this time.

Through this support, we aim to showcase our dedication to the welfare of all VPN users and promote a culture of cooperation and goodwill within the industry. In a world where privacy is increasingly at risk, we believe it is not just a business move, but a moral responsibility to uphold the trust users place in VPN providers and to always prioritize their best interests.

You can read more by checking out our Ethics and Philosophy page.

Legal Disclaimer

Please be advised that WeVPN and Windscribe are separate and independent entities and are not partners, affiliates, or otherwise related to each other in any manner. Neither party holds any legal or financial responsibility for the other party's obligations, liabilities, or commitments.

Windscribe's offer to provide free accounts to WeVPN users for the duration of their WeVPN subscription is a voluntary and courtesy gesture, aimed at assisting affected users. This offer does not indicate any partnership or affiliation between WeVPN and Windscribe in any shape or form.

Any issues, disputes, or claims pertaining to WeVPN's services, including but not limited to refunds, service interruptions, or money owed to users, should be directed to and resolved exclusively with WeVPN. Windscribe does not hold any responsibility, and cannot be held liable for, any actions or inactions of WeVPN or any financial obligations owed to users by WeVPN.

By accepting Windscribe's courtesy offer, users acknowledge and agree that Windscribe is not responsible for any issues or liabilities arising from their previous relationship with WeVPN. Users further agree to indemnify and hold harmless Windscribe from any claims or actions arising from their use of WeVPN's services or failure to fulfill contractual obligations.

User Data Notice

When you input your email into the above box, we hash it and compare against of a list of email SHA1 hashes in our database. If there is a match for the hash, we upgrade the currently logged in Windscribe account to the expiry date provided to us. No personal user information is stored.